Perennial Plant Nursery De Hessenhof
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Please take into account that it is very unlikely that an order can be completed at any time. If you come from far for one special plant, please contact us in advance so we can tell you if the plant is in stock at the moment!

* We can only accept orders by letter or by fax. Do not forget to give your telephone number and the date you intend to collect the plants; we strongly prefer a thursday, friday or saturday. In case less then half the plants of an order is available, we will contact you.

* We must have received your order at least 5 days before you come to collect the plants.

* Reservation of plants can be done no more then 2 weeks before collecting the plants. Putting apart plants with different water and light needs in one box, decreases the quality very rapidly. Therefor the limitation of 2 weeks.

* Long collectioner's orders, with one plant of each kind, take too much time in the main season. We would like to ask you to collect the plants yourself on the nursery using the collection list.